Redefine Ad Purchasing
Through Self-Service 

Want to maximize your media organization's inventory potential without expanding your sales team or extending work hours? A self-service media portal is the answer.
Enable round-the-clock sales, expedite the sales process, and lessen the administrative load on your team, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic endeavours.

The Media Self-Service Solution

Go Next and Microsoft Dynamics are transforming the way advertising is purchased. 

Media Landscape Transformation

As the media sector progresses, the operational methods of media firms are undergoing a shift. This emphasis on maximizing outputs with minimal resources, combined with the desire to extract greater value from inventory, has paved the way for GO Next Portal Media Self-Service platform.

Optimize Efforts and Resources

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, the Go Next Portal Self-Service solution is tailor-made for both expansive media conglomerates and emerging publishers. It's designed to amplify their inventory outreach without the necessity to augment sales personnel or extend operational hours, thereby enhancing value delivery to their clientele.

This autonomous portal facilitates uninterrupted sales around the clock without inflating operational costs. With the automation of administrative functions within the portal, the sales team can pivot their focus from mundane tasks. The traditional back-and-forth of the sales process is virtually eliminated, letting them concentrate on more value-driven activities. While advertisers indulge in the premium service they anticipate, sales representatives remain poised to assist when called upon.

Embrace the autonomous path

Embark on the Self-Service Adventure.
The Go Next Portal serves as a comprehensive guide for each step in the media acquisition journey, with each segment seamlessly progressing in intricacy from the last.


Step 1

Managing Client Inquiries and Endorsements

The journey commences by overseeing the direct-advertiser sales cycle, establishing a unified hub for client interaction within the self-service portal.

Core undertakings in this phase encompass tasks like media planning inquiries, Briefing submissions, campaign outline contributions, dedicated client assistance, and the scrutiny and affirmation of media plans.

The end goal is to heighten client contentment and minimize response duration.


Step 2

After-Sales Oversight and Campaign Analytics

Craft an all-encompassing perspective of your clientele, spanning sales, ad procedures, and client relations, ensuring comprehensive transparency throughout pre and post-sales activities.

Central elements at this juncture encompass campaign performance reports, supplementary order submissions, and the coordination of sponsorship ventures through an integrated sponsorship calendar.

This facilitates deeper understanding of campaign outcomes, reduced case incidents, and opportunities for interconnected sales between sponsorships and conventional media channels.


Step 3

Client Empowerment

In this pivotal phase, we harness the robust capabilities of the Go Next Portal platform, boosting income through autonomous media procurement while curbing customer service expenses.

Principal components of this stage encompass continuous campaign supervision, initiation of advertiser-driven media plans, synchronization with billing frameworks, and the incorporation of chatbots to assist in query diversion and solution.

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